Green Green Tea

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Ritual Tea Company believes in the importance of only using organic, fair trade leaves in their tea. This is the kind of dedication to social and ecological values that makes us proud to partner with Ritual to bring you this very special Green green tea.
Tea is both a tradition and an everyday fixture. Traditionally, tea ceremonies played an important role in society and culture. Today, brewing a cup of tea - organic, ethically sourced, and now supporting a good cause - is a healthy way to unwind and recharge. When you make a cup of Green Green Tea, you're carrying out a Ritual that's good for you, good for teamakers, and good for the planet.
With delicate notes of jasmine, this hand-picked, organic and fairtrade green tea makes the perfect everyday cup. And with every sip, you're helping support us to brew a better Aotearoa.
70g loose leaf tea
GST Included.