Vintage sweatshirt updates

Kia ora and thank you for your purchase of the vintage Green Party sweatshirt. It was amazing seeing so many during the campaign.

We sold nearly 1,000 and with each one being hand-made to order, it's taken some time get them all out to you. So thank you for your patience. The first release of 751 orders have all been delivered and the 265 sweatshirts from the second release are shipping in the next week

We are working on new cosy ideas for Winter 2021. Watch this space!

Images of sweatshirt cutting, sewing, and printing

As you can see each garment is quite literally hand-made in Aotearoa. Our manufacturer employs 24 people so your order supported not just the Green Party’s campaign across Aotearoa, but small business and true craftsmanship, in a vital time for the country.


 Latest updates:

11 September - first 20 produced and on their way to Party office for approval and despatch

14 September – second sale sold out in 10 minutes.

17 September – first 20 out of the box and (after a brief taste-test by staff) on their way to the lucky earlybird buyers.

1 October - first batch of 100 shipped!

5 October - second batch of 100 shipped!

12 October - third batch of 100 shipped!

29 October - fourth batch of 100 shipped!

5 November - all 751 sweatshirts from the first release have been shipped!

27 November - all 265 sweatshirts from the second release have been completed and will be shipped soon!!!