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Green Party Face Masks

Green Party Face Masks

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Mask up, Green party style! 

We’ve teamed up once again with the superstars at Little Yellow Bird to bring you the Greenest, ethically-produced mask we could find. Made and printed right here in Aotearoa, and created with offcut or waste fabric, you can be sure that your purchase is good for people and the environment. 

Designed to fit snuggly, this mask is also made from 100% organic cotton for added comfort. Each double layer mask includes a nose wire and is fitted with a Helix filter made of quality wool.

It also comes with a striking print of the Green logo - so while you’re protecting your friends and whānau, you’re also showing your support for the Green Party and for a sustainable planet.

Cloth Mask Guidance 

As the guidance around masks continues to change, we wanted to take a moment to update our customers about the considerations we made when designing our cloth masks and provide further guidance based on the research available. 

Current guidance suggests that using a surgical mask or a properly fitted N95 offers the best protection from Covid-19. 

Cloth masks can also offer high levels of protection. However, not all cloth masks are created equal. Research and testing have demonstrated that some kinds of cloth masks provide much lower levels of protection, including: masks made of only a single or double layer; masks that fit poorly or loosely; and, masks made from fabric with a loose weave, such as linen.

All of our masks are triple-layer (two fabric layers + a third filter layer). Our masks are designed with replaceable nose wires and head elastics to provide the best possible fit and seal. 

The mask should sit snugly just below your chin. If the mask is feeling loose, you can tie a knot in the lower elastic band to improve the fit. You can also remove the elastic entirely and replace it with a tighter fitting elastic.

Our masks are designed to be worn with a filter. The Lanaco Helix.iso filters which we pre-insert into all of our masks have been tested to filter 80% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size. This is in line with WHO guidelines on filters - and in line with the level of filtration achieved by a correctly fitted N95 mask.