Winter Greens - Gloves - Special Price

Winter Greens - Gloves - Special Price

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It can sometimes be chilly wearing your heart on your sleeve. So, thanks to Weft Knitting Co you can now stay snug from top to toe in any political climate.

These luxurious gloves from the Noble Wilde range are made right here in Aotearoa from a blend of 40% Possum fur, 53% Merino, and 7% silk.

Weft Knitting Co. shares our Green Party kaupapa, with a commitment to sustainable and ecologically sound products.

What makes Merino wool and Possum fur mix so special?

Wool is one of nature’s best insulators. But thanks to Merino’s incredibly fine diameter, clothing is softer, lighter and more breathable than other wool, as well as drying faster and being itch free! Due to this fine texture, it takes more care, time and effort to make yarns from Merino that can be knitted into fabric. Meanwhile, Possum fur is one of the warmest natural fibres, second only to the fur of Polar bears and Artic foxes. Possum fur has a texture that causes neighbouring fibres to cling to one another, minimising heat loss, and a hollow core that traps air in the shaft of the fibre, similar to double glazing or a thermos. There are an estimated 35 million possums in Aotearoa; it’s a species that is one of the greatest threats to our natural ecosystem. So while merino sheep have a classic outdoor lifestyle, possums are truly wild, never farmed, and so every strand takes that extra bit of effort to come by. But the result of combining these two exceptional fibres is probably the warmest, driest, softest beanie, gloves or socks that you will ever put on. Don’t miss out on yours!

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