The Poster Art Project

The Poster Art Project reflects our ongoing relationship with the arts and culture community. We’ve always believed that artists and creatives ought to be celebrated and valued for their important place in society, from nourishing the spiritual and emotional needs of the community, to provoking critical thought and sharing powerful ideas and statements.
From nationally recognised icons to incredible emerging talent, a diverse group of local artists have provided a special taonga to the party: their own artworks, many of which were created specifically for this initiative, helping us raise much needed funds for our 2023 election campaign.
Note: the next poster art campaign will not be until late April 2023. So we won't be fulfilling any sales that come through until that time. 
A very special thank you to all of the artists who contributed to this project. Check out their posters below and click on each of them to see more.


This is a chance for our supporters to get meaningful, beautiful art, at a fraction of the price. Funds raised from this initiative will go straight to the party - so with every poster you buy, you’ll be directly helping us strengthen and grow the Green movement.